IDGP’s Asset Disposition Team is your authority on Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD), nationally recognized for our "end-of-life" IT services.

As we combine the efforts to operating under a prime objective of providing zero landfill and no-cost solutions, we consider liability reduction and asset replenishment as one of our most important missions to our clients. There are multiple risk factors which can cost an organization, if not managed by an expert facility in safety and compliance.

The three main risk factors are: environmental, data security, and export compliance. These damages can range from company fines to the unthinkable dissolution of your business entirely.

Whether the task is recycling or re-generating asset reduction, we reduce your risk by ensuring all technological assets and equipment is properly processed and issue Certificates of Destruction that fully document the adherence and compliance of every destruction process.

We send our professional technicians on-site nationwide to your facility to wipe the drives to the standards set by the Department of Defense (DoD), providing a complete asset list and serialized reports detailing that the drives are wiped and verified before we leave. Hard drives may be re-used, re-sold, or returned to leasing companies with confidence the data is permanently deleted.

Our age of information technology provides many modern-day conveniences and advances, but it can also be a source of harm if that information is ever compromised. Businesses and individuals alike have records which must remain confidential such as health data, employee records, financials, proprietary company knowledge, product intelligence and patents, and so much more. We know the importance of ensuring complete, secure hard-data removal. We minimize data security breaches because we know how to operate in accordance with the multitude of applicable laws governing IT security, including data security.

What services do we offer?

IDGP’s Asset Disposition Team offers a collection of services that enable our customers to maximize the financial value of their electronic assets while exceeding strict government and environmental standards.

Asset Disposition Program

IDGP can assist clients focused on maximizing the value of their electronic assets by using our comprehensive program

  • End-to-End Visibility
  • Accountability
  • Logistics: IDGP will arrange proper logistics and disposition solutions to manage the recycling or resale of your old computer equipment.
  • Customized E-waste Management Services: Our services are flexible and can be tailored to fit your needs.
  • Data Security: Removes tags and labels from equipment and destroy hard disks.
  • Decrease Costs: Eliminate the cost of storing excess, outdated, or used computer equipment.
  • Proper Disposal: Properly dispose of Electronic Waste in accordance with EPA guidelines.
  • Indemnification against compliance risks
  • IDGP will provide certificates of recycling
  • E-waste Management
  • IDGP will provide certificates of hard drive destruction.
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