IDGP gives you everything you need to protect your business BEFORE an attack occurs. We can help with customized deployment and remediation services that optimize your entire security strategy. Leveraging artificial intelligence to detect and quarantine threats, we eliminate vulnerabilities and prevent them from further exposure PERMANENTLY.

Security companies often suggest that the installation of their product will solve all your security problems. There is no such thing as a silver bullet, and it takes many technologies and processes to provide comprehensive risk and security management.

Endpoint Security

Any device provides an entry point for cyber threats. Choosing the right endpoint software is the most important decision you will make. IDGP provides a solution that leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide a proactive and predictive solution with higher efficacy that also performs with minimal updates, fewer system resources, and limited network and user impact. In addition, IDGP offers consulting services to help institute best practices for prevention, network architecture, internal IR workflows, vulnerability and patch management, and assessment of both internal hosts and externally facing services that attackers use to gain the foothold.

Perimeter Security

SANS recommends layered security approach to protect the enterprise infrastructure. With the proliferation of modern applications and IOT devices on the networks, host and port-based security is no longer sufficient. You will need a layer 7 next-generation firewall to monitor the ingress and egress point on your network to complement the endpoint security. Protect your network with Next-Generation Firewall's intrusion detection and anti-malware feature coupled with device aware technology

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